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This is a study of The Song of Solomon. 

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     Over and over again I’m impressed with God’sgreat blessings in my life—family, ministry, growth opportunities. I’ve been serving Pittsford Community Church in pastoral leadership since 1985 and still believe that the best is yet ahead for our church. I love teaching and preaching God’s Word in a systematic, expository (verse-by-verse) way and leading God’s people into a deeper walk with Jesus Christ.
     God prepared me for this ministry through outstanding educational opportunities, beginning with my family upbringing in the little town of Moravia in the Fingers Lakes Region of New York. My ministry training included Moody Bible Institute (Chicago), Calvary Bible College (Kansas City, MO), Dallas Theological Seminary, and Liberty University (Lynchburg, VA). My capstone Doctor of Ministry degree came through further studies at Dallas Theological Seminary.


We have had Chris come to Pittsford Community Church multiple times to share Walk thru the Bible.  Our church family has been blessed with a better understanding of the whole Bible story and given a way to remember the sequence of Bible books.  

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Personally, I’ve often discovered that if I can outline a book or passage from the Bible I will understand it better.   You can use mine as a reference, but I would encourage you to read a book through its entirety first, maybe read it again a few more times.  Then pray and try to write your own outlines first.  It will mean so much more to you.  I hope you will find these helpful

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Chris Kelley is a National Instructor with Walk Thru the Bible and teaches both the Old and New Testament Live Events. Both events can be scheduled to fit your church’s unique needs. Although Sunday live events are probably the most popular, Chris will work with you to find the schedule that works best for you. Each live event needs about 5 hours to complete. Some choose a single day, some choose a two day schedule.





Visit Pittsford Community Church website and download any of the sermons.  If you are in the area come visit us.

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Rev. Dr. D.ana L. Goodnough​.