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Daily Personal Study Guide

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                              It's Here!!  Walking With Jesus Bible Study

One year I spent my study of God's word walking with Jesus and the disciples.  I meditated on the scripture as if I were there by the lake, walking on a dusty road, trying to push back the crowd that followed, fishing in the boat and scared to death as the storm raged to sink the boat.  This study can't be rushed.  Spend time reading and rereading the passage.  Write down the sights and sounds, the disciples' feelings, questions or doubts they had or you might share.  Listen to the heart and love of Jesus in each situation that is recorded.  Use all of your senses.  Taste and see that the Lord is Good. Smell the fragrance of Jesus.  Feel the touch of Jesus as he heals or gathers children to himself. and listen to the voice of Jesus.   Write down all of your observations.  You may even let this study springboard you to try some creative writing.  This study gives you a reading plan, questions to answer during the week and group questions if you meet with others. Take your time.    May this study bless you personally and if you use it in your church, may it bless you as you make disciples.  This material is free to use.  Make as many copies as you need for your church or bible study group.  This is not to be used for sale.  

​                                                                                                      Joyfully in His Service , Dana

Rev. Dr. D.ana L. Goodnough​.